Empowering Kids

Take action now to empower your child with the knowledge and skills to get a GRIP on their anxiety so that they can start living their best life now and in the future.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction: Get a GRIP on Anxiety

  • 2

    Chapter One: Gather the Evidence

    • Chapter One - Gather the Clues

    • Module One: Parent Overview

    • Lesson One: What is Anxiety?

    • Lesson Two: Understanding Anxiety: The Brain

    • Lesson Three: The Three Parts of Anxiety

    • Lesson Four: A Chain Reaction

  • 3

    Chapter Two: Realistic Thinking

    • Chapter Two - Realistic Thinking

    • Module Two - Parent Overview

    • Lesson One: When Worry Becomes a Problem

    • Lesson Two: Smart Glasses and Worry Glasses

    • Lesson Three: Thinking Traps

    • Lesson Four: Thought Checking Looking for Evidence

  • 4

    Chapter Three: Identify a Plan

    • Chapter Three: Identify a Plan

    • Module Three - Parent Overview

    • Lesson One: Fighting Fear

    • Lesson Two: Fears and Worries List

    • Lesson Three: Brave Plans

    • Lesson Four: Practising Brave Plans

  • 5

    Chapter Four: Practise Relaxation

    • Chapter Four - Practise Relaxation

    • Module Four - Parent Overview

    • Lesson One: Breathing

    • Lesson Two: Mantras

    • Lesson Three: Grounding

    • Lesson Four: Visualisation

    • Survey: Please complete this survey once you have finished the program.

    • Personalized Certificate!